Just write wish details on below link and submit with a single click. We just need your email ID so you can get the alerts when Genies send quotes on your wish.

A Sure you can edit your wish as many times as you want till the time you accept a Genie Quote and schedule the wish.

No problem! it’s easy just to add more details about the wish in comment section below the wish and Genies can read them along with your wish. What’s more Genies can ask question through the same comment section below the wish and you can answer them there. All Genies can view the comment section and will not ask the same questions again.

We would strongly suggest paying the wish expenses directly to Genie. Payment through our payment gateway may incur gateway charges up to 6%, which is best avoided

We charge a small percentage on the Genie fees which you pay for each task, the amount needed to pay for each wish is explicitly displayed while awarding a wish to Genie.

We want to give best experience of fulfilling your wishes and to do so we need to keep paying to our staff, server charges internet charges and what not. To cover all these expenditures we charge this small amount over and above Genie Charges.

We like to believe that students will not like to spoil their future for small gain now?. But to be doubly sure we verify all our student-Genies from their college as well as third party agency. We also keep their collage bonafide certificates and renew them every 6 months. What’s more we have also insured our Genies under group insurance cover to cover any damages caused by them intentionally or unintentionally!

We cannot take any responsibility of tasks completed and paid out of our system, moreover any Genie accepting fees outside of our system is banned from working as a Genie on our system.

Please raise a ticket through your account if Genie does not turn up for the account, we will pay back all your fees charged by us as GenieOnHire credits. One of our aims through this initiative is to inculcate the good work ethics and culture in students so it benefits them in future. As a part of achieving this aim if a Genie does not turn up and have no valid reason we penalize him with downgrading his rating. We strongly suggest you to write objective negative review about the Genie so he/she can learn from it and next Wishmaker will be aware of flaws in the Genie.

Currently GenieOnHire provide coverage only for Pune City limits. We are growing continuously and will provide coverage to other cities soon. Genies will come and fulfill the wishes anywhere in the city as long as they get paid better.

Please click here to know how this works.

You can pay us using inbuilt payment gateway or transfer using netbanking /debit cards/ account transfers. Just let us know the transaction ID once you have transferred the amount in our account.

Genie will always share his contact details to enquire about wish completion. Whenever a Genie completes a wish he/she marks it as complete in the Website/mobile app. You will immediately get notification when Genie marks a task as complete. If you have any dispute about completion of task please raise a complain ticket via website and we will take immediate action on the same.

Please publish a wish in the same way with recurring wish option selected. We charge one time lower fees on recurring wishes based on wish frequency. We will also set recurring reminders for you and the Genie to complete the recurring wish.