How GenieOnHire Works

Genie on Hire helps you delegate your errands to a Genie who will do it for you.

In our everyday life, it's just very tiresome to do other jobs which are equally important to us. You can post such jobs on Genie On Hire and get them accomplished by Genies at a marginal cost.

We are here to revolutionize untapped work force that can make a difference in society. We are here to help you to solve your day-today problems using technology. Many of us have not realized that the next generation has already started valuing money, time and work and we are here to reinforce the belief. So why not give a chance to this young generation to learn the importance of these things through real life exposure, which in turn will help them to earn pocket money through this. You never know while fulfilling your wishes someone might fulfill his own wish of higher education!

Make A Wish Genie Will Accomplish!