How Radha took care of her parents in India is truly inspiring!

Hrishi 27/10/2015

Radha completed her education from COEP Pune she was a bright student in her class and got immediate offer from Infosys through campus. Radha hailed from a middle class family staying in a small Sahakar nagar apartment. Her father retired from a bank and mother was a housewife. Radha was the only daughter and she loved them a lot.

            Soon due to her talent and work, Radha got chance to go to US from her company. She
stayed in Boston and liked the work culture in US. Due to her hard working she got good opportunities in US. Within few years her parents started asking her to get married. Being a self-made girl Radha wanted choose her own partner. Radha met handsome and friendly Matt in the same company where she worked. Slowly they came closer and got in to relationship. Soon they decided to get married. Radha went to India to meet her parents and inform them of decision to get married with Matt. Being traditional her parents were opposed to the decision but after Matt came to India and met them, this opposition slowly turned in to approval.

            Radha got married and decided to settle in US permanently. Soon the normal routine followed where Radha got pregnant, her parents came to US to help her and stayed back for few months. After doing this 6 monthly routine for 3-4 times they got tired and told Radha that they cannot come to US henceforward and will like to stay in India till the end.

            So next year Radha came to India with her entire family to meet her parents. During this visit she noticed her parents are tiered. It is getting difficult for them to navigate through traffic and do day today tasks like banking, Grocery etc. Radha tried to introduce them to online shopping and etc, but being old generation they were not very adaptive to the same. Radha wished she had someone who could help her parents and take care of them, she tried to get maids and all but they were not educated enough to handle many tasks.

            Radha came across from a Facebook post. She went through the website and downloaded the Android app. She got to know that it facilitates students to be hired on hourly basis to complete tasks for individuals and companies. These students called as Genies are background checked and trustworthy and reside in Pune. She signed up for the website and floated her wish of getting a Genie to meet her parents for 2-3 hours each day and complete their daily small tasks. She got many quotes from Genies residing in the area where her parents stayed.

Based on the past rating and pricing quoted by the Genies she selected 2 Genies to meet her parents every alternate day in the morning. Soon she got to know that her parents are very happy due to help they got from these Genies. Genies used to read newspaper to her father, help her mother to get groceries from local market, take appointment and get queued up at doctor, buy medicine from market, one Genie even helped her mother to make snacks for Diwali to be sent to US.

            Radha was very happy as she could control Genie activity online and ask them additional tasks if necessary. She was paying these Genies online without involving her parents in complexities and simultaneously helping the students to get learned.

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