How start-up founder of “Take Home” Rajesh solved his problem of Hiring is really dream come true!

Hrishi 26/10/2015

Rajesh is founder of “Take home” a start-up which delivers home-made food to offices and homes. People can order their food via online menu available on daily basis till 10 PM previous night. Based on ordered quantity order is given to respective home chefs for cooking. Cooked food is picked up by 10 AM next morning and delivery boys take them out for deliveries at ordered places.

The biggest pain point for Rajesh is deliveries during weekends when orders spike up but deliveries are distributed across areas. If one delivery is in one building of a big complex next is 1 KM away in another complex. Also on weekends it is a bit difficult to use his entire workforce as they prefer having a day off on weekend instead of weekday. Hiring temporary workforce seems not much useful as people are not willing to work part time just for weekends. They expect part time work for whole week. Due to these issues Rajesh is facing problem in expanding his business.

So what can be solution for Rajesh’s problem? How can he increase his business by catering wider area and menus during weekends? GenieOnHire greatly helped Rajesh here. Rajesh wanted trusted delivery boys only for weekends when demand is high, and there were many students on GenieOnHire who wanted to work only on weekends to earn extra income to support their education.

Rajesh floated his wish on GenieOnHire for working as Delivery man on weekends; he received many quotes and queries from student Genies. Some with their own vehicles and some without. Based on past rating and price quotes provided Rajesh selected 10 Genies and called them for interview.  He selected 5 Genies for Delivery work on Weekend.

It really worked for Rajesh as he expanded his delivery area from current Hinjewadi and Magarpatta to almost whole of Pune city.

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