Rama missed an urgent legal document what she did can definitely help you!

Hrishi 23/10/2015

Rama is a Lawyer and works in real estate segment as a consultant. She works in a small set up with just one assistant and a small table space in business center. On last Friday she got a call from her assistant that the important agreement typed on the stamp paper is not there in the file she was carrying to the client. Now Rama herself was scheduled to have a meeting with another important client. It was out of the way for her to deliver document to her assistant and then head to her next client. Assistant spoke to the client and client agreed that they can send the document by end of the day that day and get it back with signature immediately.

            Being a busy businessman Rama saw it very difficult to include the trip to Wanowri from her office at Kothrud any time that day. She did not want to hire a permanent office boy for this task as these situations were rare and most of her work used to be on laptop. She wished she had some help from somebody who could take the agreement to the client and get it signed.

Yes Rama’s wish can definitely come true with the help of GenieOnHire.com. GenieOnHire have many background-checked students who daily commute between different parts of city and own their vehicle. Being good students they can understand the importance of documents and get the signatures at right places.  Rama can simply go to GenieOnHire website or app and create a wish asking for Genies interested in getting signature on documents from her client. Once she posts the wish Genies interested in deliveries/ outdoor work will approach him with their quotes. Rama can select the suitable Genie based on their rating and pricing. Genies may ask Rama some questions for more clarifications through the chatting feature in app and website. Genies would be paid once task for Rama is completed.

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