Rakesh Needs a part-time tele-caller for his business!

Hrishi 22/10/2015

Rakesh has his own placement consultancy business where he places skilled candidates and executives in various firms. He is a one-man task force and handles most of the business single handedly. As any person would want he also want to expand his business. The first requirement for that is more time to approach new companies. But currently lot of his time is spent in cold calling candidates, following up with them for resumes, documents and other rudimentary tasks, which is not helping in increasing the business. Additionally he would like to do regular customer calling for feedback. This kind of calling will definitely help him to get brownie points with his clients.

            Considering all these tasks, he does not need a full time person to work for him. Hiring a someone would also involve renting a office space which is not a requirement for now. The work that he thinks he has for the additional person may not take more than 2-3 hours per day, then why to pay full salary to someone?

            Rakesh wished if he could get someone on part time basis to call candidates, ask for resumes, documents and follow up with them from their own premises.


 Yes Rakesh’s wish can definitely come true with the help of GenieOnHire.com. GenieOnHire have many background-checked students who are well versed in Hindi, Marathi, English and can call the candidates from their own premises. Rakesh can simply go to GenieOnHire website or app and create a wish asking for Genies interested in tele-calling for feedback and follow up. Once he posts the wish Genies interested in tele-calling will approach him with their quotes. Rakesh can select the suitable Genie based on their rating and pricing. Genies may ask Rakesh for more clarifications through the chatting feature in app and website. Genies would be paid once task for Rakesh is completed.

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