She did not have clue how she is going to Finish Diwali Snacks!

Hrishi 21/10/2015

Shivangi did not have any superhero with super powers, but our everyday working woman balancing job in IT and house hold work at home. She loved her family of husband and kids. This Diwali she wanted to make at least few Diwali snacks at home as she thought it was unhealthy to buy everything from out. But How??? A big question for her, how she was going to manage her office work and do those snacks? It was not easy to do it alone! She wished if there was a Genie who could help her in making those snacks! But Alas Genies don’t exist in reality. Or do they?

            So she heard about which provides skilled students studying in and around Pune who can help her out in different tasks at home and make her life easier. These students are background checked and verified. They have different skills ranging from cookery to poetry, Gardening, design artist etc. She immediately downloaded GenieOnHire app from Google App store and made her wish of getting help for Diwali snacks.

            And behold her wish started to come true! She got 3 quotes from students who responded with their expected fees for helping in making Diwali snacks. Based on the profile of these students and rating received by them for past tasks she selected one Genie and awarded the wish to her. The Genie Savita who originally hailed from Sangli helped her mother in making Diwali snacks for selling in their shop and knew how to make things work. Savita went to help Shivangi on pre-decided time and helped her in making those Chakli, Laddoo and Chivda for Diwali. They gelled well and Shivangi even invited Savita for Diwali party at her house. So by this way Shivangi’s Diwali wish came true! So don’t afraid to make a wish who knows it might come true!

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