Why the old rules?

Gargi Jajoo 11/06/2019
Today I visited my cousin. He was doing his homework. When I asked him what it was about, he 
innocently replied that they had been given a task to write about a good Indian leader as elections have 
been the recent news in our nation. As a child he did exactly what I or many of us did in school i.e. he 
was writing about Mahatma Gandhi. I had a smile on his face. It kept me thinking for a long time. Why 
we as children are taught only about the good things they did, why anybody doesn’t tell us the things 
they did which could crash our nation’s economy? The politics they played to keep the things under 
their control and for their benefits without thinking of the long term benefits for the country or it 
I am an Open category student where I had to face the higher cut off for marks in every stage of 
selection. My father has to pay the extra fee for every standard I passed. Why when my father earns 
100 rs he has to spend 40rs for my class fees and extra 20rs for my tuition where a reserved category 
student’s father only spends 25 rs and also has no need to send his child to tuition because he is as 
such going to get admission in a very good institute though he scores less! Why when a student scores 
142 gets in PVG and someone who scores 112 is a part of PICT?
 Why people in India are  more fascinated by the American education system and are willing to go 
there? Is the standard of living the only reason? No. They don’t have reservation to judge their talent. 
Their talent is judged on their talent itself! 
Did you know Dr. Ambedkar when he started this reservation system only kept the restriction of 15 
years for these benefits and Nehru kept on increasing years so as to just keep the votes in his pocket. Still 
after years the same system is being followed without any changes making the so called “lower sub 
caste and poor people” richer and the richer people poorer! How many more years are we going to 
listen that the Doctors, Charted Accountants and their children are really poor and they need a waiver in 
their fees?!Or maybe these people don’t believe that they can get the admission on the shear basis of 
their talent!! The worst part is these people are rebelling to be a part of this lower sub caste why just 
because the caste really doesn’t matter these days but the advantage it gives matter more! 
How many more years should this be tolerated? Ya its still jaisa chal raha hai chalne do kya kar sakte hai 
they have the advantage! Here when we bargain a 100rs item to bring it down to 90 with all efforts then 
why can’t we in this case? 
I request everyone of you including the people who are getting benefit from the reservation! Think 
about others too! Make yourself worthy and give a good fight instead of asking for a reservation from 
the government. Your parents earn enough and are well educated at a good post so stop asking waiver 
from the colleges! The colleges need to charge you less that’s why they charge us more! Otherwise stop 
saying ki young generation ne kuch karna chahiye desh badalne k liye –pehle khud karke dikhao!
So just stop being selfish and even think apart from yourself. I request everyone to write a letter to the 
government official email urging this. Let’s make a move, let’s make a change!

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