How It Works

GenieOnHire provides easy way to get your wishes complete while helping students to earn while they learn.

Our Genies are most talented and sincere students you can find

You publish you wishes online and we connect you to Genies most skilled in the type of tasks using our intelligent program.

You can stay back and appreciate the dedication and work done by our Genies while you just hold the Genie Lamp

How does payment work?

All our Genies have hourly average charges displayed as a part of their profile. Based on the complexity of the task and time required they will quote the number of hours they would need to put for the task.

You need to pay only the Genie fees and our service charges online. Cost incurred by Genies while completing the task can be directly transferred to the Genie in cash or by account transfer. We charge a small percentage of Genie fees as our service charge. We need to charge this so we can keep providing you hassle free experience of our website and application. If you want to cancel any wish, we won’t charge if done before the wish is allocated to any Genie. Once Wish is allocated you will need to pay one hour worth of Genie fees and service charge to cancel the wish.

Genie Secure

Each of our tasks is insured till 1Lac Rupees Each of our Genies is verified by third party and we have their bonafide from the college with us. Each of our Genies is trained in using website and the application optimally.